There are a number of issues which I and many others in our community feel strongly about:



The actuality of poor or cavalier use of the tax requisition and a “tax-and-spend” attitude is becoming more and more apparent

Historical tax increases at all levels have been well above the rate of inflation and past boards seem to have viewed their constituents, not as a community to be served, but as a limitless resource

Fiscal prudence is a must for our elected representatives if fixed or low income, vulnerable or ‘at-risk’ members of our community are going to be able to remain comfortably in their family homes.

Never-ending tax increases do little to enhance our economy or make our communities more welcoming.

I want to keep all solutions to problems affordable and only take on the services that are essential.  I do not support expanding services into new areas that are not supported by Cobble Hill especially services already funded or administered provincially or federally.

There is also the sometimes-questionable use of gas tax funds. This funding source should be used in a manner that brings real benefit TO OUR COMMUNITY.

These are the important aspects of spending and tax requisition I want to change for you at the CVRD.



 Deferment of taxes is an option for those who meet strict criteria in our community may choose for a variety of reasons. If one of the reasons for deferment is that a family budget becomes a choice between paying taxes or providing the basic necessities, then this is just not right.  

I once heard the remark, “If people find property taxes burdensome (!) then they can always choose to defer them” 

I find the use of the word ‘BURDENSOME’ arrogant  ̶  that aspect alone should sound alarm bells in the minds of the electorate. 

This rationale and the reckless spending policies that follow from it are illogical. There appears to be little or no serious evaluation of services based on essential need , value or increased costs for the majority of the electorate. 

The CVRD Board have continued to expand and grow services in many new areas always with the justification that it is good to do.




I am committed to honesty, integrity, accountability and to being responsive to the needs and concerns of Cobble Hill residents.  Many decisions made by local government have a direct impact on our community and our quality of life. Those decision making processes must be completely transparent and answerable and I believe that I can represent our area with well researched regional decisions. 

I have no personal agenda for CVRD services or spending – I will not surprise you but will work on what is important to you. 

If elected as your Area Director I WILL:


  • Be open and accountable to the residents of Cobble Hill and the Cowichan Valley.
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility is a prime consideration in all CVRD budget deliberations.
  • Hold regular town hall or ‘meet the director’ forums throughout my four year tenure as your Director.
  • Attend all board and relevant committee meetings on your behalf so that decisions made are in the best interests of our community and taxpayers are properly represented on the Cowichan Valley Regional Board.
  • Ensure my vision as the area director matches the community’s needs and is one that residents and taxpayers support.
  • Respond to residents in a timely manner.
  • Continue strong support of local businesses and the employment they provide.


Environmental policies at all levels are necessary in order to protect our ecosystems. The policies attempt to prevent harmful effects on the environment caused by human interaction as well as making sure that changes in the environment do not have harmful effects on humans.

I believe that the concerns that we all share regarding the changing environment, particularly the water we drink and the air we breathe are of incalculable concern to all residents.

I will make protection of environmental values a high priority  

Should situations arise which impact the delicate environmental and ecological balance, I will work closely WITH ALL STAKEHOLDERS in the community in order to find a solution

I also commit to advocate on behalf of Cobble Hill residents on environmental issues that are within the mandate of higher levels of government and to ensure the groundwater wells in all areas of known concern are monitored for nitrate and other forms of contamination.